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Understanding the nature of faith and prophecy and how they work together.
Faith school moves from the theory of faith into how to put your faith to work.
Listen to this wonderful testimony and gospel message by Pastor Chris Wickland. This was an Easter message,  a celebration of 'He is alive!'
If you thought you understood the grace of God think again.  Listen to this power sermon series that will change your understanding on grace for ever.  Learn how to walk…
Understand how and why you have authority over the power of the enemy.  Also understand why sometimes we get attacked by the enemy.


29th November 2015
Congregational Elder Chris Swindell takes us through a story in Chronicles which shows us the secret to our breakthrough in God.

Psalm 1 part 1

22nd November 2015
Pastor Chris Wickland takes us through an exciting look at Psalm one.  Digging out and revealing ancient wisdom to apply for today.

The Cross

15th November 2015
Martin Bush reminds us of the glory and simplicity of the New Covenant.
Martin Bush takes us back to basics and reminds us what its all about.

Daniel’s prayer part 1

27th September 2015
Pastor Chris Wickland takes us through an interesting prayer from the book of Daniel.  Learn some wonderful secrets of theology all locked up in this beautiful prayer,
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