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Bible Text: Exodus 14:14 | Preacher: Rev Chris Wickland | Series: Spiritual Warfare! What can we learn from Moses and the Israelites about their fights with Egypt and God's Heart for the believer today?
Pastor Chris Wickland continues with his series on Psalm 19.  Today's teaching looks at the danger of an open mind and the path to inner transformation
Understanding good doctrine helps us to live better and more meaningful lives for the kingdom of God

Dennis G Davies part 1

5th November 2017
Prophet Dennis Goldsworthy Davies brings a stirring word and encouragement to the church.

Dennis G davies Part 2

5th November 2017
Prophet Dennis Goldsworthy Davies gives the church a stirring and encouraging message.

The Mystery of the Church

9th October 2017
Pastor Chris Wickland teaches on the revelation of the Mystery of the Church.

LW1 Night with Andy Elmes

9th October 2017
LW1  Living Word together as one night.  Special guest speaker Andy Elmes.  "Time for the wise virgins to wake up."
God is looking for partners to help and assist Him in bringing about His plans and purposes on the earth.  Are you willing to be a partner?

God Tabernacled amongst us.

20th September 2017
Pastor Tracey Wickland opens our bibles to see some wonderful truths which will deepen your understanding of the bible and your walk with God.

Inner Transformation

21st August 2017
It is the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation who brings transformation into our inner man.  Learn today how to walk in the transforming presence of God's Sprit.
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